Hello, I’m Rejection

Hello, I’m Rejection

Here’s your Startup Tip of the Day

(that no one is going to tell you about but me):


Founders, meet Rejection.

• From the ever popular, yet unoriginally benign “I think I’m going to pass”, “Thanks, but no thanks”, “This just isn’t a fit for us right now”, and “I think we are all set, but thanks”, to the soul crushing “NO!”, “Not interested, please stop calling”, and “This is f*cking spam, remove me from your list buddy” — rejection comes in 31 deliciously, repulsive flavors that leave you feeling like shit.
• There’s a big difference, I’ve learned, between listening to someone tell you about what a “No” sounds like, versus experiencing a “No” first hand.
• The feeling of rejection literally can cut to the core of an entrepreneur. It feels as if your very dream, your life’s purpose, your words, actions, investment, your baby, and hard work have all been put on display and shot the fuck down, leaving you to feel vulnerable, dejected, and remorseful for even attempting in the first place.
• Rejection burns, but what’s honestly worse, is self deprecation.
• However, there’s a silver lining people!
• When you get rejected outright by others, they are essentially voting yay or nay on your business model, your price, your product, or your service, they are not rejecting you personally (99% of the time at least).
• Most often, customers, investors, team members are not rejecting you, but damn, it sure feels that way…
• You must come to understand this black and white difference, gain a distanced level of objectivity, otherwise, you will always feel personally attacked, and will be plagued by fear of rejection from others — forever.
• This simple, yet key distinction took me years to accept. I have come to realize that there is no other human on this planet that can make me feel like I am “less than”. When I create something, even if it is just a start, an idea, a prototype, a sales pitch — I took the extremely bold step of trying. Kudos!
• My idea may surely have flaws, but I am not being personally attacked, only the validity of a business around this idea may be.
• Don’t get suckered into thinking that you and your idea are one in of the same. They’re not.
• You are the creator of the idea, you are the farmer of the idea — you water it, it may (or may not) grow — but you are not the seed or the plant. Your job, as an entrepreneur is to identify a problem, create a viable solution, provide all the required nutrients for the idea to grow and flourish, and then get out of its way.


• When you start to hear enough “No’s” you should be starting to have fun. What? Yes, you should be actually relishing in the process of being rejected. Believe me, it will become a game — the perfect opportunity to learn from and press on.
• But, the problem is that people confuse personal rejection with rejection of an idea, a process, or an offer, and immediately block out all of the amazing feedback that comes the moment the rejection siren blasts — letting their fragile emotions take center stage and blind you from the golden nuggets of truth. This is the exact time you need to counter with deeper, probing questions to get to the core of the “No”.
• Stop f*cking crying, stop loathing in self pity — start probing and listening so you can defeat rejection #43 and move on with prospect #44 you’re going to talk to in an hour.
• The more “No’s” you hear, the stronger you become. You will be able to smile at rejection, and every time you pitch your idea, you will get smarter, faster, more nimble in conversation, and will reach your intended goals quicker.
• When’s the last time you put yourself out there with a big bold idea, a sales pitch, or a presentation and truly got rejected?
• If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not taking enough shots on goal to move your company ahead to the next level – plain and simple. We live in a world of 99 “No’s” and 1 “Maybe”. Your employees, investors, family and future all are depending on you to get past rejection and into success.
• Face your rejection, so you can get past it.
Go out and get yours.
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