How to Build Innovation into Every Aspect of Your Company

Startup Tip of the Day - Creating an Innovative Corporate Culture - Reagan Pollack

How to Build Innovation into Every Aspect of Your Company

Happy Thursday Founders 🙌🏽

✍🏽Here’s your Startup Tip of the Day:

Innovation should never be a siloed appendage; it must be a systemic attribute.

What the f*ck does that mean? 👀

Founders and managers, listen up.🤫

💡If you don’t breed entrepreneurial thought & action into every area of your company – from the warehouse packaging intern to the VP of Sales, you’ll miss key growth opportunities.

If innovation only happens from a few folks, or from one department, the rest of the company will feel left out, and when they see problems or have ideas to improve products, processes, or systems, they’ll just say to themselves, “Well, no one cares if I share this good idea and plus, I get nothing for it, so why share it? I’ll just let the ‘innovators’ figure it out and if they never do, well, too bad for them!”

👉This type of innovation from the silo/apathetic syndrome from the rest, happens at more companies than you might even realize.

If you’re just starting a new venture, design a way for every idea to be a good idea until tested and proven to not be so (backed by data).

Let the data do the talking.📊

Not some manager who outranks a subordinate employee. 🔑

Every employee can have a million dollar idea. You must believe this, and lay the foundation and safety space for this to materialize and come to life. 💯

When people feel either threatened for ideating or feel un-rewarded for innovating, the entire company, and your customers and investors and shareholders all fail. ⚠️

Ask yourself – how safe and easy is your startup or company able to bring forth innovation in every area, and by everyone? 🤔

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