The Easiest Thing to Do is Give Up

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The Easiest Thing to Do is Give Up

Over 4 startups I’ve been a co-founder of, there’s been so many moments where I just wanted to throw in the towel, and give up.

From tech glitches that caused months of delays, to running out of cash when you least expect it, to deals that fall through when you’re banking on them closing, I’ve experienced it all.

The world of startups are defined by 99 things that go wrong, but the determined entrepreneur just never allows them to throw her off track of her accomplishing the mission.

You must realize that every person who “makes it” through, literally just never gave up. It’s that simple people. Don’t, f*cking, give up!

If you give up, then what? Well, quitting is easy…keeping at it is hard. So are you going to just tap out when a customer doesn’t want to buy from you? Oh please stop crying.

Are you going to give up when an investor passes for some random reason on your pitch? Big deal, find another lead.

Are you going to give up when there’s a product defect? Go fix it!

To succeed isn’t an event. It’s a daily battle between conquering real problems, and overcoming our inner challenges to find solutions.

Keep going. That’s all there is to it. Keep. Going.


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