The Startup Secret No One Wants You To Know

The Secret to Being a Great Founder - Reagan Pollack

The Startup Secret No One Wants You To Know

The best founders listen 2-3X more than they talk.

Are you listening to your customers, suppliers, investors, and employees? How deeply are you truly listening?

Listen without judgement takes patience, and also radical candor. Much of what you hear might not suit your initial assumptions, or be in alignment with your vision, plan or ego. So how can we develop a new way of listening so that we can uncover key insights that drive deep innovation, massive market shifting results, and exponential accelerating profits? 

Ask “Why” 5 times to each statement to uncover deeper insights. Implement actions and solutions to remedy the root causes.

By asking “Why” 5 times, we peel back layers like an onion, uncovering the core problem that’s being masked by other superficial elements. 


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