Month: August 2019

Why Failure is good for Startup Founders. - Reagan Pollack

Why You Need to Fail

Failure is not a final destination (unless you choose it to be) — failure is an endless journey that moves us continually, and uncomfortably forward, not backwards. Every entrepreneur with a failure under his/her belt has at least a half dozen excuses for why the dream just never materialized. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…dissolved. Failure is a …

How to stop overthinking your startup - Reagan Pollack - Entrepreneur

Why Overthinking Kills Your Startup

Startup Tip of the Day:   For most first time entrepreneurs, it’s fairly common that 98% of them spend months and months (sometimes years even) marinating on their “big” idea, but fail to get it going.   How come?   They write the 50 page business plan.   They build the 5 year proforma statements …

Learn how to raise venture capital - entrepreneur's edge - reagan pollack

Learn how to Raise Venture Capital – Get the Entrepreneurial Edge™

AD: Become a Startup Financial Wiz in no time with the Entrepreneurial Edge™ Video Series True Story – when I was 20, I was lucky enough to meet a mentor while attending Business School who really helped guide me with the technical aspects of raising investor capital for my first startup. Angelo Santinelli was already …