Find your Entrepreneurial ‘Why (not)’​

Reagan Pollack - George Bernard Shaw - Entrepreneur -

Find your Entrepreneurial ‘Why (not)’​

What truly sets an Entrepreneur apart?

Her ability to imagine what could be, and more importantly, her unwavering drive to bring forth a new reality to ameliorate the world.

This quote by George Bernard Shaw inspired me to become an #entrepreneur when I was 19 years old.

Sometimes all it takes in life is one phrase, one thought, one piece of inspiration that nudges us onto a new course to not only discover a better version inside of us that we have never met, but to also build something that the world values which might have never existed without our contribution.

Entrepreneurship is more of a framework for thinking than it is a technical process of starting or owning a business.

A business is simply the physical manifestation of creative thought coupled with a commonly shared belief system of values, processes and standards by its constituents. More aptly put, a business is just a direct reflection of the owners, employees, suppliers, and customers collectively – it can ebb and flow, digitally transform and adjust, rise and fall with its outcomes.

When we venture out to start our first business, we can become crippled by fear of failure, financial loss aversion, and the anticipation of negative judgement from our peers.

The truth is, regardless if a startup breaks out and becomes profitable, grows into a Unicorn, or simply launches and dissolves, the journey teaches us more about ourselves and the world within and without than we could ever imagine. It is the ultimate discovery process that is well worth your time.

By heading into a startup thinking that it will make us into an ‘Entrepreneur’, we’ve created a persona that an ‘Entrepreneur’ only exists if we succeed on paper. This is a false narrative, and I implore all my readers to reframe their approach — start a company to develop the entrepreneurial mindset within you — this will lead you to higher levels of success, fulfillment and innovation over your entire lifetime than simply trying to throw on the Founder’s costume and slap CEO on your business card.

Mindsets matter. Find one that serves you and the world, and you’ll always be rich.


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