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No Startup Left Behind - Learn How to Launch an Idea and Skyrocket to Startup Success - Reagan T. Pollack

No Startup Left Behind: Learn How to Launch an Idea and Skyrocket to Startup Success

No Startup Left Behind  New Book Now Available! No Startup Left Behind is a breath of fresh air in the coddled, avoid-failure-at-all-cost world of traditional entrepreneurship that aims to wait until passion strikes to even launch, please every customer at any cost, and over promise but underwhelm every market. Pollack simplifies the startup journey for …

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Why Good Ideas Kill Most Startups

STARTUP SECRET #1 YOU DON’T NEED A “GOOD” IDEA   While everyone’s out there hunting for the next Uber®, Airbnb®, Google® or Alibaba®, the real entrepreneurs are busy testing new concepts instead of dreaming, writing business plans, and overthinking the crap out of everything. Entrepreneur: Average Idea + Massive Action x Initial Results/Adjustments = Progress …

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The Egoless Entrepreneur

WHAT? YOU DON’T LOVE MY IDEA? To Survive a Startup, First, Kill Your Ego If you’re the type of person, like I was in my 20s, who was seeking encouragement from others to continually reinforce your ideas, beliefs and path, get ready to get shook up when you start a company. Encouragement comes and goes, …