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No Startup Left Behind - Learn How to Launch an Idea and Skyrocket to Startup Success - Reagan T. Pollack

No Startup Left Behind: Learn How to Launch an Idea and Skyrocket to Startup Success

No Startup Left Behind  New Book Now Available! No Startup Left Behind is a breath of fresh air in the coddled, avoid-failure-at-all-cost world of traditional entrepreneurship that aims to wait until passion strikes to even launch, please every customer at any cost, and over promise but underwhelm every market. Pollack simplifies the startup journey for …

How to stop overthinking your startup - Reagan Pollack - Entrepreneur

Why Overthinking Kills Your Startup

Startup Tip of the Day:   For most first time entrepreneurs, it’s fairly common that 98% of them spend months and months (sometimes years even) marinating on their “big” idea, but fail to get it going.   How come?   They write the 50 page business plan.   They build the 5 year proforma statements …

How to write a great business plan - Reagan Pollack

How to Write a Business Plan That Really Works (in just days)

Happy Monday Founders! Here’s your Startup Tip of the Day: BUSINESS PLAN – BUILD WITH THE END IN MIND At most Business Schools, they used to teach you to write a business plan and try to predict it all.  ………. Let me tell you, startups don’t happen like that.  ………. I wrote a 50 page …